Our ever-expanding library of courses, workshops, and trainings for women seeking natural fertility solutions + labor education based on real-life experiences and hands-on knowledge.

Courses and Education

Are you ready to take control of your fertility?

Find out:

✔️ Exactly how to chart and track your fertility to take the guesswork out of ovulation and potential pregnancy.

✔️ Detailed supplements tailored specifically towards successful and reliable ovulation.

✔️ Dedicated section specifically for male reproductive health & supplement breakdown for higher sperm quality.

✔️ Nutrition specifically tailored for fertility made easy for you.

✔️ Your ability to enhance your own fertility with proven strategies.

✔️ BONUS MODULE: Covering all things PCOS

Baby Body Ready

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This membership is designed to help you have a healthy pregnancy physically and to prepare you for birth and beyond.

This membership covers:
✔️  Pregnancy safe workouts for each stage from 0-6 weeks to 36+ weeks

✔️ Easy Warm Ups to prep your body to move well

✔️ Safe Cool Downs that help safely ease your body after exercise

✔️ Tools to support your moving body

✔️ BONUS: When & How to use the Miles Circuit

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This course is all about how to manage and use each stage of labor with the goal of teaching you the tools to feel prepared for any issue in labor.

This course covers:
✔️  Diaphragmatic Breathing

✔️ Early Labor Positions

✔️ Active Labor Positions

✔️ Transition Phase Positions

✔️ Pushing Techniques

✔️ Ways to troubleshoot during labor

The Birth Course

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