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BIRTH Course

Feel confident in your body in pregnancy & preparation for labor. Find support, education, and step-by-step video modules  to building confidence in your body through pregnancy, to preparation for an unmedicated labor.

Prepare your body for labor and birth during pregnancy and ease into postpartum under Dr. Abby's care. Establish care as a patient at Lee Wellness Chiropractic in Fort Worth, Texas. Or attend Dr. Abby's Labor class in your 3rd Trimester.

Chiropractic appointments M-Thurs.
Classes held once a month.

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Online Courses

Find the course that fits your stage of motherhood.
Build a confident fertile foundation for conception.
Learn how to approach labor + birth physiologically so you can effectively and easily handle each stage of labor.

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Learn the best ways to support and grow in your season of motherhood.

Designed to take the stress and uncertainty out of pregnancy, our best-selling birth prep packets are available for immediate download. Inside are points to consider at each week of pregnancy and a checklist of activities to do to keep you feeling strong and preparing you for birth the entire time.

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I'm Dr. Abby

Your brand new pregnancy friend with benefits (not that kind!)

I'm a prenatal and labor chiropractor here to walk with you through the excitement(!), overwhelm, pain, and down right lack of helpful information your pregnancy & postpartum journey can bring. I created this whole space upon the thought that if women knew how capable they were during pregnancy, birth, & postpartum, then they could feel confident in their bodies, their own choices, and feel like they could not just survive - 

but thrive

I bet you get to hold a lot of babies..

I get to hold a lot of mothers.

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If you're into natural birth, feeling great during pregnancy + labor, conceiving babies naturally, + healing your body, I'm here for you with a glass of sauvignon blanc or red raspberry leaf tea depending on my life stage (IYKYK). You've come to the right place. 

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